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Google Shared Drives Creator Script 2021 [Free]


Google Shared Drives Creator Script 2021 [Free]

Free Download Google Shared Drives Creator Script 2021 : Create your own google shared drive creator website.

Features :

  • Create Shared Drive with your google account
  • 100% customizable
  • User-friendly UI
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Add statistics
  • Randomize choice
  • Warning pop-up
  • Protected thanks to H-captcha

How to add an account :

  • This is illegal to use hacked/cracked accounts! Add only the accounts you own.
  • You MUST have the right the create team drive into your account else it won’t work.
  • I am not responsible of any google restrictions into your account or the subscription (the account may be suspended by google due to abuse)
  • Go to the google cloud console and create a project
  • Then, enable the google drive api
  • Go to the OAuth Consent Screen and select “External” and click on “Create”
  • Fulfill all required informations (the one with a red *) and click on “Save and Continue” 3 times (the “Scopes” and “Test users” parts do not require any inputs)
  • Click on publish and validate (important)
  • On the Credentials tab, click on “Create Credentials” then “OAuth client ID”, select “Web application”
  • Under “Authorized JavaScript origins” click on “ADD URL” and add
  • Under “Authorized redirect URIs” click on “ADD URL” and add
  • Save and note down your Client ID and Secret
  • Go to the Developers Playground, click on the ⚙️ in the upper right corner and select “Use your own OAuth credentials”
  • Copy-paste your client ID and client secret from the previous step and press the close button.
  • Scroll down the list on the left to “Drive API v3”, select it, click on “” and “authorize API”
  • Select your gsuite/workspace account give permissions using your google account, then “Exchange authorization code for tokens”, check “Auto-refresh the token before it expires.” and note your refresh token.
  • Open/download the SharedDriveCreator.js file and put your :
  • Client ID at line 4
  • Client Secret at line 5
  • Refresh token at line 587
  • Change the number at line 12 with the number of different drives you have (this number is useful for the random choice)
  • Change the name of the choices of the dropdown list by the name of your domains or whatever you want at line 374

HCaptcha :

  • Go to and fulfill all required details
  • Copy your sitekey and paste it in line 17
  • Go to the settings of your hCaptcha account, copy and paste your secret key to line 16

Deploy the website :


Click Here To Download

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